The Adventures of Bob Hope

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Adventures Of Bob Hope The Adventures of Bob Hope was a DC comic book series that ran from February 1950 to March 1968. It featured fictionalized exploits of the late popular comedian and movie actor. It lasted for 109 issues.

The main story for each issue tended to have Hope get involved in some wacky misadventure, usually involving attempts to make money, or wooing a comely young lady. It being a comedy, Hope usually ended up breaking even, or getting cheated somehow, by the end of each tale. Backup features usually featured other characters, or even costars from Hope's films.

By the mid-1960's, the title seemed no longer relevant to contemporary young audiences, mainly owing to the fact that Hope was no longer making bigscreen films. Guest-stars like Superman or Aquaman appeared now and then, or popular fads were alluded to.

Issue #95 began to change the direction the title had been taking, in that it introduced a 'mod' character called Super-Hip, and it also featured the beginning of stories focused on monsters. This was at the height of the Monster Craze of the 1960's, and every cover from that issue until the end of the title featured some combination of Frankenstein's monster, werewolves, vampires, ghouls, etc.

This was one of several DC titles devoted to actors whose name and likenesses the company licensed in the 1950's, which also included Jerry Lewis and Alan Ladd.