All-American Men Of War

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All-American Men Of War DC Comics' All-American Men of War last for 118 issues, between August 1952 and October 1966. Its first two issues were numbered 127 and 128; this title took over the numbering from the previous All-American Western.

Like most of DC's war titles, All-American Men of War offered superior, well-drawn and competently written tales of men in uniform, concentrating mostly on the various battlefields of World War II but taking in other conflicts as well. Also like other war titles, this one survived throughout the 1950's as as anthology, with characters and storylines that would appear once and then be gone from readers' imaginations thereafter.

There were a few exceptions: the characters of Gunner and Sarge first appeared here, before being transferred to Our Fighting Forces where their stories enjoyed popularity for several years. Johnny Cloud was a native-American flying ace who sat in the cockpit of a Mustang. The Balloon Buster was a World War I pilot who delighted in taking down the slower German air targets, and who served as sort of an answer to DC's German protagonist from that war, the Enemy Ace.

AAMoW was edited by Robert Kanigher, who also wrote most of the stories, and was in fact the editor in charge of DC's line of war comics. Over the years the art was handled by various hands, including some of the industry's best: Krigstein, Heath, John Severin, the team of Andru and Esposito; and of course the artist whose work would have a large impact on most war comics from this era, Joe Kubert.

Although several of DC's war titles war titles survived the lean times, unfortunately AAMoW didn't have the sort of fan-favorite characters in place - no Sgt. Rock or Haunted Tank - to keep sales going in the face of change, and by the end of 1966, it was gone from the shelves for good.