All-Out War

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All-Out War DC Comics published the war title All-Out War between September-October 1979, and August 1980. It lasted for 6 issues.

This giant-sized (68 pages each issue) title, with no reprints, was a valiant attempt to save, or revive, war comics. It wasn't as though DC didn't have enough war titles, but for whatever reason, this one was launched rather late in the game. By 1979, war comics - although they were probably as good as they had ever been - were tanking in sales. Readers just didn't want to read the genre any more, even given variations on the theme like the Unknown Soldier or the Haunted Tank. Then again, by about 1980 most genres (besides superheroes) were dead or dying, so it was inevitable that war comics, always a neglected subgroup of titles, would get short shrift as well.

All-Out War was a decent try, at any rate. Joe Kubert contributed covers, and such characters as the Viking Commando and Force Three were introduced or headlined. But despite the effort, it wasn't meant to be, and this title closed after only six issues.