All Winners Comics

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All Winners Comics #1 All Winners Comics was published by Timely Comics (an early incarnation of Marvel Comics) during the Golden Age. This superhero anthology comic featured such characters as Captain America, the original Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner. All Winners Comics was also the venue for two full-length stories of Marvel's first superhero team, the All-Winners Squad.

Published quarterly, the first volume ran 20 issues, numbered #1-19 and #21 (Summer 1941 - Winter 1946/47). The first issue contained a 12- to 13-page story each of the (Golden Age) Human Torch, Black Marvel, the Sub-Mariner, and the Angel, All the characters had been introduced in other Marvel/Timely titles. Also, there was a two-page text story by Stan Lee. The following issue, the preexisting superheroes the Destroyer and the Whizzer replaced the Black Marvel and the Angel. This lineup continued through #12, with a one-shot appearance of the Black Avenger in #6.

After issue #19, the title became the teenage-humor comic All Teen Comics, which released a single issue, #20 (Jan. 1947). When Timely chose to do another All-Winners Squad story, the publisher retitled the cancelled Young Allies Comics, which had ended with #20 (Oct. 1946), resulting in All Winners Comics #21. Most sources say the title afterward became the humor title Hedy De Vine Comics, starting with #22 (Aug. 1947).

A second volume ran one issue (Aug. 1948) before being retitled and reformatted as the Western anthology All-Western Winners, which ran from #2 to #4.