Amazing Adventures (1970's)

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Amazing Adventures 1970 Marvel's 2nd book featuring the title Amazing Adventures was a split title featuring the Inhumans and the Black Widow. The Widow was dropped after #8, and full-length Inhumans stories ran for two issues before that feature, too, was dropped. Issue #11 (March 1972) introduced solo stories of X-Men member the Beast, in which he was mutated into his modern-day blue-furred (originally grey-furred) form. The initial story was by writer Gerry Conway, penciler Tom Sutton, and inker Syd Shores. The Beast's supporting cast included Patsy Walker (who had originally been introduced in her own teen-humor title in 1945) and her ex-husband, 'Buzz' Baxter, who much later became the supervillain Mad-Dog. The Beast stories ended with #16 (Jan. 1973).

Following an issue that reprinted the backup features recounting the Beast's origin (edited from X-Men #49-53 (with a new, single-page intro by writer Steve Englehart and penciler Jim Starlin), the title introduced the series War of the Worlds and its central character, Killraven, in #18 (May 1973). The Killraven stories would take over the book until its final issue, #39 (Nov. 1976).