Amazing Spider-Man

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Amazing Spider-Man #87 Amazing Spider-Man was the classic Spider-Man title for several decades. The character of Spider-Man had first appeared in the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15, the last issue of that title. Sales were strong enough to warrant the character getting his own series, and in March 1963 the first issue arrived. The interior of that now-classic comic was written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko, and presented the origin of Spider-Man as well as the hero's first adventures.

Over time Amazing Spider-Man would become Marvel's best-selling title, and its flagship series. It would last until issue #441 in November 1998, along with a few dozen Annuals, Giant Sizes, graphic novels, and other special issues in between.

Although Ditko first drew the character and helped lay out many of his early adventures, many consider John Romita (Sr.) to be the classic Spider-Man artist. Romita drew Spider-Man throughout the latter half of the 1960's and into the next decade; subsequently he became art director for much of Marvel's output and thus it was Romita's art that could be found on the bulk of Spider-Man related merchandise.