Angel and the Ape

Angel and the Ape on Ebay
Angel and the Ape DC Comics released their Angel and the Ape title between November-December 1968, and November-December 1969. It lasted for 7 issues, with the last one being titled simply Meet Angel.

Angel and the Ape was a strip introduced the previous year in Showcase #77. It basically consisted of the characters Angel O'Day, a lovely blonde young private investigator who managed the O'Day and Simeon Detective Agency, and her partner, Sam Simeon, who was a talking gorilla and a comic book artist. It was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, and featured art by Bob Oksner, with inks occasionally supplied by Wally Wood.

This title was introduced in a somewhat wacky, experimental period in DC Comics' history. Other, similar characters and titles debuting at that time included Johnny Double, Bat Lash, Brother Power the Geek, and the Creeper; substantial changers were also being made to such titles as Wonder Woman, House of Mystery, and House of Secrets.