Anthro on Ebay
Anthro DC Comics released the prehistoric adventures title Anthro between July-August 1968 and July-August 1969. It ran for only 6 issues.

Anthro was a curious title that dealt with the land-before-time adventures of a Stone Age boy, the oldest son in his family, who got into all sorts of precarious situations. His father was the Neanderthal caveman Ne-Ahn, chief of their tribe, while his mother was a captive member of another tribe. Winning two competing cavegirls as his wives, Cro-Magnon women Embra and Nima, Anthro began the human race; Anthro was the first Cro-Magnon.

The comic took a unique story-telling style, written and drawn by artist Howie Post, with Wally Wood inking the final issue. The character first appeared in Showcase #74.

Anthro was one of several interesting characters first appearing in the tryout title Showcase during this somewhat experimental period at DC Comics. Others included The Hawk and the Dove, The Creeper, Bat Lash, Angel and the Ape, and the second Phantom Stranger.