Archie Giant Series

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Archie Giant Series Archie Giant Series was a long-running comic book title published by Archie Publications which showcased a different character, group of characters, or theme with each issue. The book lasted from #1 (Christmas 1954) to #632 (July 1992), but with numbers #36 to 135, and #252 to 451 never printed. Archie Giant Series was always a 'giant' title, larger than the regular-issue newsstand comics, with various page counts over the years.

Starting with the 5th issue, each cover had a block with the words 'Archie Giant Series' vertically along the top left below the issue number. The title on the cover would vary from issue to issue, but this block would remain, informing readers which issues were part of the larger series. (Unfortunately, most - if not all - giant-sized Archie titles also had the 'Archie Giant Series' block at the upper left. The Giant Series books can usually differentiated by the numbering.)

The first 6 issues consisted of Archie's Christmas Stocking. A (partial) list of other titles to appear in the series includes:
- Archie and Me
- Archie at Riverdale High
- Archie's Christmas Love-In
- Archie's Jokes
- Archie's Pals n Gals Holiday Special
- Archie's Super Hero Special
- Around the World With Archie
- Betty & Veronica Christmas Spectacular
- Betty & Veronica Spectacular
- Betty & Veronica Spring Spectacular
- Betty & Veronica Summer Fun
- Betty's Diary
- Josie and the Pussycats
- Jughead's Eat-Out Comic Book Magazine
- Katy Keene Holiday Fun
- Li'l Jinx Giant Laugh-Out
- Little Archie
- Pep Comics
- Sabrina's Christmas Magic
- Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch
- World of Archie, the
- World of Jughead, the