Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica comic book Marvel Comics' adaptation of the TV series Battlestar Galactica was introduced in the pages of Marvel Super Special #8, which was released in both a magazine-sized format and larger Treasury-sized edition (which was also available as a Whitman reprint). These adapted the show's 3-hour pilot episode, and were reprinted again in the first three issues of this, the regular monthly comic series. Issues 4 and 5 adapted the two-parter TV episode "Lost Planet of the Gods." Following this, however, the Marvel creators were allowed to tell their own stories with the Galactica characters.

Although the run of the regular comics series coincided with the broadcast of the short-lived Galactica sequel series, Galactica 1980, the newer program was never referred to in the pages of the comic, apart from the letters page, and no attempts were made to construct the comic with the events of Galactica 1980 as a foreseen plot outcome.

In terms of tone, many of the Galactica comics had classic horror elements, which was a theme visited in only a couple episodes of the TV series, as exemplified by the evil Ovions of "Saga of a Star World". Taken as a whole, Marvel's Galactica is somewhat darker in tone than the series, but this not-so-subtle paranoia is arguable truer to the initial premise of the series than were some of the latter episodes of the television program.

Notably, the writers of the Galactica comic were quite willing to remove key characters from the dramatic mix for periods of time. From issues #6 to #12, Commander Adama is effectively removed from commanding the Galactica for several issues. The character of Starbuck also leaves for a time, as part of perhaps the most effective story arc in the series.

Unlike both television series, the Galactica comic actually had a planned ending, with a series of plot devices being wound up in the final two part story of issues #22 and #23. A tongue in cheek adventure ably drawn and scripted by Walt Simonson this plotline provided a strong end for a memorable series.