Beowulf on Ebay
Beowulf comic book DC Comics produced their Beowulf comic series between April-May 1975 and February-May 1976, for only 6 issues.

This was one of a number of fantasy-oriented titles that DC launched in mid-1975, which also included Stalker, Claw the Unconquered, and Kong the Untamed. It's difficult to see why DC was so keen on fantasy at the time; although Marvel was having decent success with Conan the Barbarian, that title had debuted a good five years previously, and there weren't too many high-profile TV series or movies that would spark such a trend.

In any case, it appears that readers' enthusiasm for fantasy comic books was either already satiated, or was never too remarkable to begin with. All of the DC titles list above were cancelled after only a handful of issues. Perhaps the company could have put better creative teams on the books; in any case, although comic buyers of the time were intrigued, the offerings weren't good enough to bring them back month after month.

One problem perhaps was that the company was undergoing a too-rapid expansion at the time; over a dozen new titles were launched in 1975. And in the superhero-crazed 1970's, anything other than the usual fare was often quickly overlooked.