Black Panther

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Black Panther Marvel's Black Panther title ran between January 1977 and May 1979, for 15 issues. The character had just come off a successful (if abruptly ended) run in Jungle Action.

The thing was, celebrated artist Jack Kirby was just returning to Marvel after having been working for rival DC Comics for a couple of years (creating the Fourth World titles, among other things), and was assigned to both write and draw this title. Unfortunately, while probably the greatest artist in the history of comics, Jack wasn't much of a writer (at least not with finished comic scripts). With King Kirby at the helm, the Panther got into a series of wild adventures, including a search for a time machine disguised as a frog statue, monsters, telepathic powers, and so forth.

It was quite a departure from the character's adventures in the previous Jungle Action title, which was not only much better-written, but much more adult in tone also. Thus, this newer Panther series was considered throwaway kid stuff by readers at the time, Kirby or no.

A new writer/artist team took over for the last three issues, which were competently done, but too little too late.

The character had first appeared in Fantasic Four #52. A new Black Panther series would debut in 1988.