Black Rider

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Black Rider Atlas Comics (a previous incarnation of Marvel) published Black Rider between March 1950 and March 1955, for a total of 20 issues. The book had started with issue #8, having taken over the numbering of the previous title Western Winners.

The book featured the character of Black Rider, who had first appeared in All-Western Winners #2. The Rider was secretly Matthew 'Doc' Masters, a former outlaw who had killed a group of criminals and been pardoned by the governor; wishing to preserve his peaceful identity as the town doctor, Masters assumed the identity of the Black Rider to combat crime in Leadville, Texas.

The title would change to Western Tales of Black Rider after #27.

The Black Rider's origin was told in #10. The Two-Gun Kid would appear in back-up stories in later issues.

The Rider's horse was named Satan.

Note: The cover to the first issue, #8, is a photo cover featuring the Black Rider; underneath the mask is none other than writer/editor Stan Lee himself!