Blonde Phantom

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Blonde Phantom Marvel Comics' Blonde Phantom title was published between Winter 1946-47, and March 1949. There were 11 issues in all, running from #12 to #22. The numbering was continued from the previous All-Select Comics where the character had first appeared in #11.

Originally created by writer Stan Lee and artist Syd Shores, the Blonde Phantom was a crime-fighting heroine with no super-powers. The Phantom was actually Louise Grant, a private detective's secretary, who occasionally donned her costume and solved cases on her own. She went armed with a .45 pistol.

Throughout the title, back-up features included Miss America, the Golden Age Captain America, and Sub-Mariner.

Though not quite a superheroine, the Blone Phantom's popularity faded along with that of pretty much all other Golden Age heroes as comics publishers turned to other genres. Thus did #23 become the title Lovers, devoted to love-story comics for girls.