Blue Beetle (Charlton)

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Blue Beetle After the title's cancellation in 1950 from Fox Publications, Charlton Comics picked up the license to the Blue Beetle character and began releasing their own comics devoted to the character beginning in February 1955. This first Charlton Blue Beetle comic would last only three issues, before returning in 1964.

Charlton Comics obtained the rights to the Blue Beetle, and reprinted some stories in its anthology titles and in a four-issue Blue Beetle reprint series numbered 18-21.

In 1964, during the Silver Age of Comics, Charlton would revise the character for a new Blue Beetle series. Charlton's new Blue Beetle retained the original's name (but adding a second 't'), but none of his powers or origin. This Beetle was archaeologist Dan Garrett, who obtained a number of superhuman powers (including super strength and vision , flight and the ability to generate lightning) from a mystical scarab he found during a dig in Egypt, where it had been used to imprison an evil mummified Pharaoh. He would transform into the Blue Beetle by saying the words "Kaji Dha!" This version by writer Joe Gill and artist Tony Tallarico was played at least initially for camp, with stories like "The Giant Mummy Who was Not Dead". The Charlton Dan Garrett version of the Blue Beetle ran only until 1966 before his replacement debuted.