Captain America

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Captain America This relaunch of the Captain America title was the first time the star-spangled superhero had had his own self-titled series since the demise of the original Captain America Comics in 1954.

This series started off in April 1968 with issue #100 and lasted until #454 in 1996. There were also thirteen Annuals (the first 2 were called Specials) and one Giant Size issue.

The character of Captain America had been relaunched in issue #4 of The Avengers and quickly became a prominent member of that team. Between that issue and the beginning of this series, the Captain's adventures took place in Tales Of Suspense, a title he shared with Iron Man throughout the latter half of the 1960's. During the 1970's, the World War II version of Captain America could be found within the pages of The Invaders.