Captain Midnight

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Captain Midnight Captain Midnight was a comic book based on the wartime superhero, published for 67 issues between September 1942 and Fall of 1948. Captain Midnight was introduced on an American radio adventure serial in 1938.

After Dell introduced the character to comic books in 1941, Fawcett Publications stepped in to publish the character's adventures. The Fawcett character bore little relation to the radio character, and only one other character from the radio show, Ichabod Mudd, appeared regularly in the comic, often in the comedy relief sidekick role of Sgt. Twilight.

Captain Midnight in the comic had a skintight scarlet superhero suit and an array of Doc Savage-style gadgets like 'Blackout Bombs' which released clouds of blinding darkness, the infra-red 'Doom-Beam Torch' which he used to burn his emblem into walls and unlucky villains, and a flying squirrel-like 'Gliderchute' attached to the sides of his costume which could act as a built-in parachute when needed.

In his Captain Albright secret identity he was a genius-level inventor described as a modern Thomas Edison with a secret laboratory in the Nevada desert, and as on radio he fought Ivan Shark and other Axis agents before turning to common crooks, communist spies and alien invaders after the war. Otto Binder was one of the writers on the comic book, and the illustrators for this Fawcett title included Leonard Frank, Clem Weis-Becker, Lincoln Cross and Al Bare.