Chamber of Chills

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Chamber of Chills Harvey published their series Chamber of Chills between June 1951 and December 1954. There were 26 issues total. The first four issues were numbered #21 through #24, and were a continuation of the numbering from Blondie Comics. From #27 the title would be called Chamber of Clues.

Issue #7 is mentioned in Dr. Fredric Wertham's scathing 1954 indictment of comic books Seduction of the Innocent on page 389. Chamber of Chills ceased publication following the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings of 1954, which caused the cancellation of nearly all of what are now known as 'pre-code' horror comics; this was because the comics publishing industry soon began to police itself by instituting the Comics Code Authority.

After this, Harvey began concentrating on humor titles for young children, including such titles as Little Dot and Richie Rich.

Artists for the series included Bob Powell, Lee Elias, Rudy Palais, and Howard Nostrand.

This is not to be confused with Marvel Comics' later Chamber of Chills title from the 1970's.