Chamber of Chills (Marvel)

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Chamber Of Chills Marvel Comics' Chamber of Chills title was a horror anthology that lasted for 25 issues, between November 1972 and November 1976.

This bimonthly series ran exclusively new material through issue #4, with one reprinted story added to the mix for the following two issues, and only one new story in issue #7, after which the series became all-reprint. Creators of the newer material included novelist John Jakes, scripting "Spell of the Dragon", starring his Brak the Barbarian in issue #2, and adapting his own short story "The Opening of the Crypt", a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado", with art by Frank Brunner. Also contributing were Marvel regulars Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella, Larry Lieber, Don McGregor, and Doug Moench, as well as editor Roy Thomas, adapting Robert E. Howard's "The Thing on the Roof", with artist Frank Brunner in #3.

Chamber of Chills was one of a number of horror-anthology books launched by Marvel at this time, which also included Chamber of Darkness, Supernatural Thrillers, Tower of Shadows, and others. These aren't counting Marvel's monster-themed books like Tomb of Dracula and Werewolf By Night. This was all possible primarily to a loosening of the Comics Code restrictions on what types of horrific scenes and creatures could be depicted.

Note: This title is not to be confused with the Chamber of Chills published by Harvey in the 1950's, although this title did reproduce some pre-code horror comics stories.