The Champions

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The Champions Marvel Comics published The Champions between October 1975 and January 1978. The title lasted for 17 issues.

One of the most unlikely superhero teams ever, The Champions featured a disparate cast of characters who had originated in other titles. The team consisted of the Ghost Rider (who had his own title at this time), Hercules (who had appeared mainly in Thor and The Avengers), the Black Widow (who had started as a villain and for a time guest-starred in Daredevil), and the Angel and Iceman, who were originally members of the X-Men.

The team battled established Marvel villains such as Greek god Pluto; the Griffin; Iron Man'e enemies Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo; the godlike Stranger; and new foes such as Rampage and Swarm. Russian heroine Darkstar joined the team, and Black Goliath (who was originally meant to be a member) eventually guest starred. The second-to-last issue continued a story involving a power struggle between villains Doctor Doom and Magneto from the title Super Villain Team-Up, and the last issue's storyline involving an attack by pseudo-Sentinels was referenced in the title Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, which explained in flashback how the team disbanded.

The title was originally intended to be published in Giant-Size format as Giant-Size Champions, but production delays put the kibosh on that plan.