Claw the Unconquered

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Claw the Unconquered Claw the Unconquered was a short-lived fantasy comic book series from DC. It was published between May 1975 and September 1978. It lasted twelve issues.

The title debuted in mid-1975 as part of the first wave of the 'DC Explosion,' a period when DC Comics launched a record number of new titles on to the comic book market (16 new titles debuted in 1975 alone). Claw was one of several of these new series which were set in the fantasy or sword-and-sorcery genre; others included Warlord, Stalker, Starfire, Nightmaster, Tor, and Beowulf.

At the time DC's main rival Marvel Comics had found success in the genre with their Conan The Barbarian comics, and of all of DC's new fantasy characters Claw most closely resembles Conan in both his character and appearance (except for the fact that Claw had a deformed hand).

Claw The Unconquered was published bimonthly up until #9 (October, 1976), restarting again at #10 (May 1978). The entire series was written by David Michelinie (though the never-published #14 was credited to Tom DeFalco) and Ernie Chan remained on the title up to #7, with Keith Giffen taking over pencilling duties with #8. With the addition of Giffen, the series began to incorporate some sci-fi elements, moving away from its pure sword and sorcery beginnings.

The relaunch of the series lasted just three issues, as it was suddenly cancelled with #12 (September 1978) as part of the 'DC Implosion' when DC's comics line was drastically cut. The cancellation was so sudden that two further issues of the series had been fully written and drawn. These stories were published in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #1 in 1978 (however, only 35 copies of that comic were ever officially published).