Combat Kelly (and His Deadly Dozen)

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Combat Kelly and His Deadly Dozen Marvel published their Combat Kelly title between June 1972 and October 1973. It lasted 9 issues. Atlas Comics, a precursor to Marvel, had published 44 issues of a Combat Kelly title between 1951 and 1957. This Kelly was a different character from the original.

Corporal Michael Lee Kelly starred as the leader of group of military convicts paroled for special missions in a 9-issue series cover billed as Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen (June 1972 - Oct. 1973), though as simply Combat Kelly in the postal indicia. The series name and premise are similar to those of the 1960s movie The Dirty Dozen.

The 1970s series was set during World War II, earlier than the 1950's series' timeframe. In issue #3, Kelly is described as a U.S. Army boxer who in 1940 had killed a man in the ring. He was convicted and sentenced for manslaughter, and was later parolled. The series was created by writer Gary Friedrich and penciler Dick Ayers, the creative team of Marvel's long-running WWII title Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos; the premiere issue continued a story begun in Sgt. Fury #98 (May 1972), and occasional crossovers continued between these two series.