Comic Books - 'C'

Cain's Hundred
Calling All Boys
Calling All Girls
Calling All Kids
Calvin & the Colonel
Camelot 3000
Camera Comics
Camp Comics
Camp Runamuck
Campus Loves
Campus Romances
Candy (Wm. H. Wise)
Candy (Quality)
Cannon (Heroes Inc. Presents...)
Cannonball Comics
Canteen Kate
Captain Action
Captain Aero Comics
Captain America
Captain America Comics
Captain and the Kids
Captain Atom (Nationwide)
Captain Atom (Charlton)
Captain Battle
Captain Battle (2nd)
Captain Battle Jr.
Captain Britain
Captain Canuck
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
Captain Davy Jones
Captain Easy
Captain Fearless Comics
Captain Flash
Captain Flight Comics
Captain Gallant
Captain Hero
Captain Hook & Peter Pan
Captain Jet
Captain Kangaroo
Captain Kidd
Captain Marvel (M.F. Enterprises, 1960's)
Captain Marvel (Marvel)
Captain Marvel Adventures
Captain Marvel and the Good Humor Man
Captain Marvel Comic Story Paint Book
Captain Marvel Jr.
Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible Five
Captain Marvel's Fun Book
Captain Marvel Story Book
Captain Marvel Thrill Book
Captain Midnight
Captain Nice
Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders
Captain Science
Captain Steve Savage
Capt. Storm
Captain 3-D
Captain Tootsie & the Secret Legion
Captain Venture & the Land Beneath the Sea
Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers
Captain Video
Care Bears
Career Girl Romances
Car 54, Where Are You?
Casey - Crime Photographer
Casey Jones (Dell)
Casper and Nightmare
Casper and Spooky
Casper and the Ghostly Trio
Casper and Wendy
Casper Cat
Casper Digest Stories
Casper Digest Winners
Casper Halloween Trick or Treat
Casper in Space
Casper's Ghostland
Casper Space Ship
Casper Strange Ghost Stories
Casper the Friendly Ghost (St. John)
Casper the Friendly Ghost (Harvey)
Casper TV Showtime
Castle Of Frankenstein
the Cat (Marvel)
Catholic Comics
Catman Comics
Cave Girl (M.E.)
Cave Kids
Cerebus the Aardvark
the Challenger
Challengers of the Unknown
Chamber of Chills (Harvey)
Chamber of Chills (Marvel)
Chamber of Clues
Chamber of Darkness
Champ Comics
Champion Comics
the Champions (Marvel)
Champion Sports
Charlie Chan (Crestwood/Charlton)
Charlie Chan (Dell)
Charlie McCarthy
Charlton Bullseye
Charlton Bullseye (magazine)
Charlton Classics
Charlton Classics Library
Charlton Premiere
Charlton Sport Library
Cheyenne Kid
Chilling Adventures in Sorcery
Chilling Tales
Chilling Tales of Horror (magazine)
Chilly Willy
Chip N Dale
Choice Comics
Christmas & Archie (tabloid size)
Christmas Parade
Christmas With Archie (Spire)
Christmas With Mother Goose
Christmas With The Super-Heroes
Cinderella (Dell, 1950's)
Cinderella (Whitman, 1982)
Cinderella Love
Cindy Comics
Circus Boy
Circus Comics
Circus of Fun Comics
Cisco Kid
Classic Comics - Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated Giants
Classics Illustrated Junior
Classics Illustrated Special Issue
Claw the Unconquered
Claws of the Cat
Clint & Mac
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel)
the Close Shaves of Pauline Peril
Clown Comics
Clubhouse Rascals
Club 16
Clue Comics
the Clutching Hand
Clyde Crashup
Cody of the Pony Express
Cody Starbuck
Collectors' Item Classics
Colossal Features Magazine
Colt .45
the Comancheros
Combat (Atlas/Marvel)
Combat (Dell)
Combat Casey
Combat Kelly (Atlas/Marvel, 1950's)
Combat Kelly (Marvel, 1970's)
Comedy Comics (Timely/Marvel)
Comedy Comics (2nd, Marvel)
the Comet
Comic Album
Comic Capers
Comic Cavalcade
Comic Comics
Comic Pages (Centaur)
the Comics (Dell)
the Comics Magazine (1st Comics/Centaur)
Comics On Parade
Comics Revue
Comix Book
Comix International
Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub
Commando Adventures
Complete Comics
Complete Guide to the Deadly Arts of Kung Fu and Karate
Complete Love Magazine
Complete Mystery
Complete Romance
Conan the Barbarian
Confessions Illustrated
Confessions of Love (Artful Pub.)
Confessoins of Love (Star)
Confessions of Romance
Confessions of the Lovelorn
Confidential Diary
Congo Bill
the Conqueror
Contact Comics
a Contract With God
Coo Coo Comics
Cool Cat
Cosmo Cat
Cosmo the Merry Martian
Cotton Woods
the Cougar
the Count of Monte Cristo
Courtship of Eddie's Father
Covered Wagons, Ho
Cowboy Action
Cowboy Comics
Cowboy in Africa
Cowboy Love
Cowboy Romances
Cowboys N Injuns
Cowboy Western Comics
Cowgirl Romances
Cow Puncher
Crackajack Funnies
Crack Comics
Cracked (magazine)
Cracked's For Monsters Only (magazine)
Crack Western
Crash Comics
Crazy (1st, 1953)
Crazy (2nd, 1973)
Crazy (magazine)
Creatures On The Loose
Creeper (Beware The... )
Creepy (magazine)
Creepy Things
Crime and Justice
Crime and Punishment
Crime Can't Win
Crime Cases Comics
Crime Clinic
Crime Detective Comics
Crime Detector
Crime Does Not Pay
Crime Exposed
Crimefighters (Marvel, 1940's)
Crime Fighters (Atlas, 1950's)
Crime-Fighting Detective
Crime Files
Crime Illustrated (magazine)
Crime Incorporated
Crime Machien
Crime Must Lose!
Crime Must Pay The Penalty
Crime Mysteries
Crime Patrol
Crime Reporter
Crimes By Women
Crime Smashers
Crime SuspenStories
Crisis On Infinite Earths
the Cross and the Switchblade (Spire)
Crossfire (Eclipse)
Crossfire (Spire)
Crown Comics
Crusader From Mars
Crusader Rabbit
the Crusaders (Jack Chick)
Crusaders (magazine)
Cryin' Lion Comics
Crypt of Shadows
Crypt of Terror
Curly Kayoe Comics
Curse Of Frankenstein / Horror Of Dracula
Cutie Pie
Cyclone Comics