Creepy on Ebay
Creepy magazine Warren Publishing produced Creepy magazine between 1964 and 1983. There were 145 regular issues, plus 5 annuals/yearbooks.

Creepy was Warren's first comic magazine, a fitting companion to the company’s Famous Monsters of Filmland. Jim Warren himself had long been a comic book fan, especially of the work of Will Eisner, and was open to the idea. Supposedly some prodding from occasional cover artist Russ Jones was needed before the project was green-lighted.

The most obvious inspiration to the mag was the output of comics publishers EC Comics during the 1950’s. That company’s horror output – which is still revered today for such titles as Tales From the Crypt and Vault of Horror – consisted of anthology books featuring horror stories with twist endings, the whole thing being surrounded by the framing device of a gruesome narrator. Creepy followed this format faithfully, with the character of Uncle Creepy appearing to assume the narrative chores.

During its run the magazine enjoyed contributions from such outstanding artists as Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Richard Corben, and Neal Adams. Although the quality of the magazine over its run is sporadic (thanks to Warren’s infrequent cash-flow problems and the occasional changing of editors), overall it represents one of the more important publications in the history of comics.

Copies of the first issue are worth up to $200 in near-mint condition, with subsequent issues worth somewhat less – usually in the $5-to-$40 range (some issues featuring only reprinted material, and earlier ones being more scarce). Issues from the 1960’s tend to be higher-priced, while later ones may go only as high as $25 in condition.