Daredevil on Ebay
Daredevil comic book Daredevil was a title published by Marvel Comics beginning in April 1964 and lasting until October of 1998. Daredevil was a blind crimefighter, who through a freak accident gained extraordinarily heightened senses and was a superb fighter and athlete. Daredevil would go on to fight a number of weird and sensational enemies, much like his sometime ally Spider-Man. His secret identity was Matthew Murdock, a New York area defense attorney.

The Daredevil title remained pretty much a standard (though well-crafted) superhero series until the 1980's, when writer-artist Frank Miller got his chance at the character. Miller turned the character darker, into much more of an urban vigilante patrolling the rough neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, and often tangling with the local crime boss known as the Kingpin.

Throughout a time in the 1970's, Daredevil would share the title with his crimefighting ally and girlfriend, the Black Widow. Later, he would encounter another formidable female called Elektra, a ninja-trained assassin. In 2003 a feature film of Daredevil was released, featuring Ben Affleck as Daredevil and Affleck's soon-to-be-wife Jennifer Garner as Elektra. Shortly thereafter Elektra would gain her own self-titled feature film as well.