A Date With Millie

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A Date With Millie Atlas/Marvel Comics' A Date With Millie was actually two series: the first debuted in October 1956 and lasted for 7 issues, until August 1957; the second began in October 1959 and also lasted for 7 issues, until October 1960.

The title featured Millie 'the Model' Collins, a teen romance-humor character who had appeared as early as 1945. Millie was a fashion model in New York who got into all sorts of romantic mishaps and other humorous shenanigans.

Much of the character's popularity during the 1950's may have owed something to artist Dan DeCarlo, who worked for ten years on the main Millie the Model title and would later go on to help define the Archie Comics characters. DeCarlo did art for all seven issues of the first series here.