Dead of Night

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Dead of Night Marvel published their horror anthology title Dead of Night between December 1973 and August 1975. There were 11 issues total.

With the relaxation of rules concerning horror in Comic Code-approved titles, Marvel gave the readers what they seemed to want by launching a number of horror and monster titles in the period of 1972-1973. Several of these were simply anthology titles, similar to what DC Comics were doing with their own books like House of Mystery, featuring a handful of unrelated stories, usually with twist endings.

Dead of Night's first issue is a complete story-for-story reprint of Atlas's Adventures into Weird Worlds #6 from May 1952. While the majority of these tales were certainly new to Marvel's young readership, it didn't seem an auspicious way to start a new comic book series. In fact, the next nine issues were reprints from Marvel/Atlas titles of the 1950's like Astonishing and Marvel Tales. It was only with the final issue - probably thinking they had nothing to lose - that a new, nearly book-length story appeared, "Enter: The Scarecrow" which introduced the menacing tool of vengeance the Scarecrow.