Deadly Hands of Kung Fu

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Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is a martial arts comic magazine published by Marvel Comics. There were a total of 33 issues published plus one Special Album Edition before the series was cancelled.

This magazine was published in the early 1970s amidst the brief kung fu movie craze. Bruce Lee had recently died, and his movies were scoring huge box-office grosses, along with other Hong Kong martial arts films (not to mention Billy Jack) that were shown in the United States at the time which did not quite as well. The Kung Fu TV series was being watched by millions. Carl Douglas had a hit song with "Kung Fu Fighting". The martial arts in general, and kung fu in particular, were on many people's minds at the time.

Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu magazine was launched in 1974 and ended 33 issues later in 1977. Some of the core recurring characters of the magazine were Shang Chi, master of kung fu; Iron Fist; the Sons of the Tiger; the White Tiger; Samurai; and Daughters of the Dragon, two female characters who had appeared in the Iron Fist comic. Each issue was an anthology with comic stories from these characters, both single issues stories and multi-issue arcs.

In addition, most issues had some kind of martial arts movie review from a recently released film. Other issues had interviews with authentic martial arts instructors, while others had interviews with movie or television celebrities related to martial arts. The early issues had a martial arts instructional section which described some elementary fighting techniques. These were provided by comics illustrator/martial artist Frank McLaughlin.

The magazine was strictly black-and-white with no color except for the cover. The cost of the magazine was 75 cents for issues #1-14. Issue #15 was a "Super Annual" (all reprints) issue and cost $1.25. Issues #16-33 were $1.00, as well as the Special Album Edition (June) 1974.