Doc Savage

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Doc Savage Marvel published their Doc Savage comic book series between October 1972 and January 1974. There were 8 issues total.

Lester Dent's popular pulp-fiction character was the subject of this short-lived comic series. Doc and his five compatriots fight their way through a series of adventures that were almost tailor-made for comic book adaptation.

The series adapted four Doc Savage novels:
Issues 1 & 2 adapted The Man of Bronze;
issues 3 & 4 adapted Death in Silver;
issues 5 & 6 adapted The Monsters;
and issues 7 & 8 adapted The Brand of the Werewolf.

There was also an issue of Giant Size Doc Savage in 1975.

Note that Marvel/Curtis also released a black-and-white magazine devoted to the character in 1975-1977.