Doctor Strange (1st)

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Doctor Strange Doctor Strange (the first series, 1968-69) was published by Marvel Comics. Its first issue was #169, a continuation of the numbering from the original Strange Tales title where the character of Dr. Strange first appeared. Despite interesting stories and decent art, the title didn't quite click with readers, and only lasted through issue #183. Dr. Strange had originally been drawn by artist Steve Ditko, who created phantasmagorical worlds through which the Doctor frequently traveled; later writers would continue these magickal themes, but artists would find themselves pressed to keep Ditko's vision alive.

Despite this, this short run is well remembered by collectors of Silver Age Marvel comics; after all, Dr. Strange's psychedelic adventures fit in well with the type of artwork that was popular with young people of the time. Dr. Strange appeared in black-light posters during this period (along with other Marvel heroes) so that even kids who didn't read the comic got in on the trip.

This brief series did not bring much in the way of change to the character of Strange or his fictional surroundings, although Strange's costume did change at this time (including for a short while, the character wearing a full-face mask); but nevertheless some fans consider this period a high point for the character in terms of both art and story.

It was with the original 1968 title, perhaps even more so than Steve Ditko's run in Strange Tales, that Dr. Strange's place was cemented within the Marvel pantheon as the character most associated with all things weird.