Eerie Tales

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Eerie Tales One-shot. November 1969. Hastings Associates,Inc.

This is a curious little item that needs to be on both comic book and monster magazine collectors' radars. It's a collection of horror comic stories by some of the best creators working at the time, such as Gray Morrow and Al Williamson, of the usual twist-ending, touch-of-humor type popular at the time, complete with a horror host/narrator.

This seems to be a companion piece - and possibly a retitled second issue - to the Weird Mysteries magazine which had appeared earlier in the same year. Both apparently featured the same horror host character.

But it's not exaclty clear who published this - 'Hastings Associates' could have been one of the fly-by-night names used by publishers at the time, usually for tax-dodging purposes. The editorial staff are listed with horror-themed names such as the editor being 'Basil Darkerton'. Neither are the writers or artists given credits, either within the stories or in the table of contents.