Eerie on Ebay
Eerie magazine Warren Publishing produced Eerie magazine between September 1965 and February 1983. It lasted for 139 regular issues and 3 annual/yearbooks.

Eerie was launched as a companion magazine to the slightly-earlier Creepy, in an effort to double the success that Warren was experiencing with that horror-comic mag in the mid-60’s. Both efforts enjoyed the same horror-anthology format (only narrated by Cousin Eerie, rather than Uncle Creepy), with a wide variety of artists and writers contributing – thus, as with most anthologies, the quality varies wildly over time.

In the earliest issues can be found work from such artists as Frank Frazetta, Alex Toth, Boris Vallejo, and Al Williamson; stories included new material, but also reprints from such authors as Lovecraft, Poe, and Robert Bloch. Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, Vampirella, and other similar characters can be found throughout.

Note: Hearing that another publisher was about to come out with a magainze titled Eerie (almost certainly Myron Fass’s Eerie Publications), Jim Warren rushed out a quick mockup of the first issue to be sold on local newsstands, thus laying claim to the title before anyone else could. This first issue therefore resembles little more than an amateurish effort, with poor reproduction and printing quality; this makes it easily reproducible. Therefore novices should not shell out any great sums of money (up to $800 or so at the going back-issue market price) for what they think might be a true first-print-run copy of the first issue.