80 Page Giant

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Eighty Page Giant 80-Page Giant was the name used for a series of comic books published by DC Comics beginning in 1964. The series was named for its unusually high page count. (The typical page count for American monthly comics at this time was 32 pages). The cover price was typically 25 cents. (While other comics of the day which were rarely above twelve cents). Many of these Giant issues contained reprinted material, often including material from the Golden age era of comics. Each issue would focus upon a particular DC character or group, such as Superman, Batman, or Jimmy Olsen. The 80-Page Giant format and numbering would later be used for special extra-large, reprint-heavy issues of their regularly published titles.

In the late nineties, DC Comics began publishing 80-Page Giant specials which were special publications relating to a series (including Secret Origins, which had not been an ongoing title for years) and which were usually compilations.

The initial 15-issue run of the title comprised issues separate from the featured characters' main books:
G1 - Superman
G2 - Jimmy Olsen
G3 - Lois Lane
G4 - Flash
G5 - Batman
G6 - Superman
G7 - Sgt. Rock
G8 - Secret Origins
G9 - Flash
G10 - Superboy
G11 - Superman
G12 - Batman
G13 - Jimmy Olsen
G14 - Lois Lane
G15 - Superman and Batman/World's Finest

The remaining issues were released as part of the regular run of the series being showcased, but with G-designations on the cover. These are (in order of publication):
G16 Justice League of America 39
G17 Batman 176
G18 Superman 183
G19 Our Army at War 164
G20 Action Comics 334
G21 Flash 160
G22 Superboy 129
G23 Superman 187
G24 Batman 182
G25 Jimmy Olsen 95
G26 Lois Lane 68
G27 Batman 185
G28 World's Finest 161
G29 JLA 048
G30 Batman 187
G31 Superman 193
G32 Our Army at War 177
G33 Action Comics 347
G34 Flash 169
G35 Superboy 138
G36 Superman 197
G37 Batman 193
G38 Jimmy Olsen 104
G39 Lois Lane 77
G40 World's Finest 170
G41 Justice League of America 58
80 Page Giant G42 Superman 202
G43 Batman 198
G44 Our Army at War 190
G45 Action Comics 360
G46 Flash 178
G47 Superboy 147
G48 Superman 207
G49 Batman 203
G50 Jimmy Olsen 113
G51 Lois Lane 86
G52 World's Finest 179
G53 Justice League of America 67
G54 Superman 212
G55 Batman 208
G56 Our Army at War 203
G57 Action Comics 373
G58 Flash 187
G59 Superboy 156
G60 Superman 217
G61 Batman 213
G62 Jimmy Olsen 122
G63 Lois Lane 095
G64 World's Finest 188
G65 Justice League of America 76
G66 Superman 222
G67 Batman 218
G68 Our Army at War 216
G69 Adventure 390
G70 Flash 196
G71 Superboy 165
G72 Superman 227
G73 Batman 223
G74 Jimmy Olsen 131
G75 Lois Lane 104
G76 World's Finest 197
G77 Justice League of America 85
G78 Superman 232
G79 Batman 228
G80 Our Army at War 220
G81 Adventure Comics 403
G82 Flash 205
G83 Superboy 174
G84 Superman 239
G85 Batman 233
G86 Jimmy Olsen 140
G87 Lois Lane 113
G88 World's Finest 206
G89 Justice League of America 93