For Monsters Only

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For Monsters Only November 1965 - June 1972. Major Magazines. 10 issues plus 1 Annual.

This was yet another effort by the publishers of Cracked magazine to cash in on the mid-60's monster craze. For Monsters Only, however, was a much more mainstream effort at imitating the original and best-selling genre mag, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Instead of straight humor, For Monsters Only had actual articles and profiles of both then-current films as well as classic movies from decades previous. The humor still apepared, however, in the form of film stills overlaid with funny word balloons or captions. There were also still plenty of illustrated gags, as well (such as the back cover of the ninth issue, which featured musician Tiny Tim frightening a group consisting of Dracula, the Wolf Man, et al).

Copies of this title can be found today without too much trouble or expense.