Comic Books - 'G - J'

Gabby Hayes Western
Galactic Wars Comix
the Gallant Men
Gallegher, Boy Reporter
Gandy Goose
Gang Busters (David McKay/Dell)
Gang Busters (DC)
Gangsters and Gun Molls
Gangsters Can't Win
Gang World
Garrison's Gorillas
Gasoline Alley
Gay Comics
G-8 and His Battle Aces
Gem Comics
Gene Autry Comics (Fawcett)
Gene Autry Comics (Dell)
Gene Autry's Champion
General Douglas MacArthur
Gentle Ben
George of the Jungle
George Pal's Puppetoons
Georgie Comics
Gerald McBoing-Boing
Geronimo Jones
Get Lost
Get Smart
Ghost (Fiction House)
Ghost Breakers
Ghost Castle
Ghostly Haunts
Ghostly Tales
Ghostly Weird Stories
Ghost Manor (1st)
Ghost Manor (2nd)
Ghost Rider (M.E., 1950's)
Ghost Rider (Marvel, 1960's, Western)
Ghost Rider (Marvel, superhero)
Ghost Stories
Ghoul Tales (magazine)
Giant Boy Book of Comics
Giant Comic Album
Giant Comics
Giant Comics Edition
Giant Comics Editions
Giant Size (Marvel)
G.I. Combat
Gift Comics
Giggle Comics
G-I in Battle
G.I. Jane
G.I. Joe (Ziff-Davis, 1950's)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel, 1980's)
Girl Comics
Girl Confessions
Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
Girls' Fun & Fashion Magazine
Girls in Love (Fawcett)
Girls in Love (Quality)
Girls' Life
Girls' Love Stories
Girls' Romances
G.I. Sweethearts
G.I. Tales
G.I. War Brides
G.I. War Tales
Glamorous Romances
God Is (Spire)
Godzilla (Marvel)
Going Steady
Golden Arrow
Golden Comics Digest
Golden Legacy
Golden Picture Classic
Golden Picture Story Book
Golden West Love
Gold Key Champion
Gold Key Spotlight
Gomer Pyle
Good Triumphs Over Evil!
Goofy Comics
Goose (magazine)
Gothic Romances
Gothic Tales of Love (magazine)
the Governor & J.J.
Grandma Duck's Farm Friends
Grand Prix
the Great Cat Family
Great Comics (Great Comics Pubs.)
Great Comics (Noveck Pub./Jubilee/Knockout)
the Great Gazoo
the Great Grape Ape
the Great Locomotive Chase
Great Lover Romances
Great Western
Green Giant Comics
the Green Hornet (Dell/Gold Key)
Green Hornet Comics (Holyoke/Harvey, 1940's)
Green Lama
Green Lantern (Golden Age)
Green Lantern
Greyfriars Bobby
the Grim Ghost
Grimm's Ghost Stories
Groo the Wanderer
Gulliver's Travels
the Gunfighters
Gun Glory
the Gunhawk
Guns Against Gangsters
Gunsmoke (Western Comics, 1940's-50's)
Gunsmoke (Dell/Gold Key, TV)
Gunsmoke Trail
Gunsmoke Western
Gypsy Colt
Gyro Gearloose
Ha Ha Comics
Hand of Fate
Hands of the Dragon
Hangman Comics
Hanna-Barbera Bandwagon
Hanna-Barbera Parade
Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes
Hans Brinker
Hans Christian Andersen
Hansel & Gretel
Hansi, The Girl Who Loved The Swastika (Spire)
Hap Hazard Comics
Happy Comics
Happy Days
Happy Houlihans
Happy Rabbit
the Hardy Boys (Dell)
the Hardy Boys (Gold Key)
Harlem Globetrotters
Harold Teen
Harvey (Marvel)
Harvey Collectors Comics
Harvey Comics Hits
Harvey Comics Library
Harvey Hits
Harvey Pop Comics
the Hathaways
Haunted Love
Haunted Thrills
Haunt of Fear
Haunt of Horror (digest)
Haunt of Horror (magazine)
Have Gun, Will Travel
the Hawk
the Hawk and the Dove
Headline Comics
Heart Throbs
Heckle and Jeckle
Hector Comics
Hector Heathcote
Hedy Devine Comics
Hedy Wolfe
Hee Haw
Helen of Troy
Hello Pal Comics
Hell-Rider (magazine)
Henry Aldrich Comics
Henry Brewster
Hercules (Charlton)
Hercules (Dell)
Here's Howie Comics
Heroes All Catholic Action
Heroes Inc Presents Cannon
Hero For Hire
Heroic Comics
Hi-Adventure heroes
Hi and Lois (Dell)
Hi and Lois (Charlton)
the Hiding Place (Spire)
High Adventure
High Chapparal
High School Confidential Diary
Hi-Ho Comics
Hillbilly Comics
Hi-School Romance
Hi-School Romance Date Book
His Name Is Savage
Hi-Spot Comics
Hit Comics
Hogan's Heroes
Holiday Comics (Fawcett)
Holiday Comics (Star)
Hollywood Diary
Hollywood Film Stories
Hollywood Funny Folks
Hollywood Pictorial Romances
Holywood Romances
Hollywood Secrets
Holyoke One-Shot
Homer Hooper
Homer the Happy Ghost
Honey West
Hong Kong Phooey
the Hooded Horseman
Hoot Gibson Western
Hopalong Cassidy (Fawcett)
Hopalong Cassidy (DC)
Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
Horae & Dotty Dripple
the Horrors
Horror Tales (magazine)
Horse Feathers Comics
the Horsemasters
the Horse Soldiers
Hot Dog
Hot Rod and Speedway Comics
Hot Rod Comics
Hot Rod Racers
Hot Rods and Racing Cars
Hot Stuff Creepy Caves
Hot Stuff Sizzlers
Hot Stuff the Little Devil
Hot Wheels
House of Mystery
House of Secrets
House of Terror
Howard the Duck
Howard the Duck (magazine)
Howdy Doody
H.R. Pufnstuf
Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Hound (Dell/Gold Key)
Huckleberry Hound (Charlton)
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Junior Woodchucks
the Hulk
Hulk (magazine)
the Human Fly
the Human Torch (Golden Age)
the Human Torch (1970's)
Humphrey Comics
the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hyper Mystery Comics
I Aim at the Stars
Ibis the Invincible
Ideal [Comics]
I Dream of Jeannie
I Loved
I Love Lucy Comics
I Love You (Charlton)
I'm Dickens - He's Fenster
the Incredible Hulk
Incredible Science Fiction
Indian Braves
Indian Chief
the Indian Fighter
Indian Fighter (Youthful)
Indians (Fiction House)
Indians of the Wild West
Indians on the Warpath
Indian Warriors
the Inferior Five
the Informer
the Inhumans
In Love Magazine
Inside Crime
the Inspector
International Comics
International Crime Patrol
In the Days of the Mob (magazine)
In the Presence of Mine Enemies (Spire)
Intimate Confessions
Intimate Love
Intimate Secrets of Romance
the Invaders (Gold Key)
the Invaders (Marvel)
Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
Iron Fist
Iron Man
Iron Man and Sub-Mariner
I Spy
It Really Happened
It Rhymes With Lust (digest)
It's About Time
It's A Duck's Life
It's Gametime
It's Love, Love, Love
Jace Pearson of the Texas Rangers
Jack Armstrong
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Jokers
Jackie Robinson
Jack in the Box
Jackpot Comics
Jann of the Jungle
Jeanie Comics
Jeep Comics
Jesse James (Dell)
Jesse James (Avon)
Jesus (Spire)
Jet Aces
Jet Dream
Jet Fighters
Jet Powers
the Jetsons (Charlton)
the Jetsons (Gold Key)
Jiggs & Maggie
Jim Bowie
Jim Dandy
Jim Hardy
Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Wakely
Jingle Jangle Comics
Joe Palooka
Joe Yank
John Carter of Mars (Dell/Gold Key)
John Carter Warlord of Mars (Marvel)
John F. Kennedy Life Story
Johnny Hazard
Johnny Jason
Johnny Mack Brown
Johnny Thunder
John Wayne Adventure Comics
Jo-Jo Comics
Jokebook Comics Digest Annual
the Joker
Joker Comics
Jolly Jingles
Jonah Hex
Jon Juan
Jonny Quest (Gold Key)
Josie (& the Pussycats)
Journey into Fear
Journey into Mystery
Journey into Mystery (1970's)
Journey into Mystery Golden Record reprint
Journey into Unknown Worlds
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Judge Colt
Judy Canova
Jughead as Captain Hero
Jughead Jones Comics Digest
Jughead's Fantasy
Jughead's Folly
Jughead's Jokes
Jughead's Soul Food (Spire)
Jughead With Archie Digest
Juke Box Comics
Jumbo Comics
Jungle Action (Atlas/Marvel, 1950's)
Jungle Action (1970's)
Jungle Adventures (Super)
Jungle Adventures (Skywald)
Jungle Cat
Jungle Comics
Jungle Jim (Dell)
Jungle Jim (Charlton)
Jungle Jo
Jungle Lil
Jungle Tales
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Jungle Thrills
Jungle Twins
Jungle War Stories
Junior Comics
Junior Funnies
Junior Miss
Justice Comics
Justic Inc
Justice League of America
the Justice Machine
Just Married