Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider Ghost Rider was a title published by Marvel Comics between September 1973 and June 1983. The character of Ghost Rider had first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5.

John Blaze, a motorcycle stunt performer in a traveling circus, sold his soul to the demon Mephisto to save his brother Barton's life. He was bound with the demon Zarathos, and transformed into a flaming, leather-clad skeleton, and his bike's wheels were cloaked in a sheath of flame. This Ghost Rider's career ended when Zarathos fled Blaze's body in issue #81.

Ghost Rider was never a very popular title, usually selling just enough to justify continuing its publication. Creatively, the series was uneven, with sometimes lackluster writing, and art that ranged from very good to somewhat awful.

A Ghost Rider feature film starring Nicolas Cage was released in 2007, and a new version of the character reconfigured for the Marvel Cinematic Universe has also appeared on the TV series Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.