Ghoul Tales

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Ghoul Tales November 1970 - July 1971. Stanley Publications. 5 issues.

This was one of a handful of horror comic titles published by Stanley Morse, using reprinted material (in black and white) from comics of earlier decades. The covers were usually new, however, and proved much gorier - if not as skillfully rendered - than the interiors.

Unlike other comics magazine publishers of the time, Morse had an ace up his sleeve - he still had the rights to artwork from comic books he had published in the 1950's. Although neither the stories nor the artwork were top-notch then or now. It was material he wouldn't have to pay for, so into his magazines they went.

Ghoul Tales would only last a handful of issues. Stanley Publications only put out four titles during their brief run on the newsstands during that time; all of them would be gone by the end of Summer 1971.