Gunhawks on Ebay
Gunhawks Gunhawks was a brief (7-issue) Marvel Western comic which ran from October 1972 to October 1973. (The final issue was referred to on the cover as 'Reno Jones, Gunhawk'.) The storyline may have been inspired by 'Western-buddy' TV series such as Alias Smith And Jones.

The Gunhawks were Kid Cassidy and Reno Jones. As introduced in Gunhawks #1, Cassidy was the son of a plantation-owning family in the antebellum American South, and Jones was an African-American slave of the family who was friends with Cassidy. They fought together for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, with Jones fighting the Union because their soldiers had kidnapped his lover, Rachel Brown. After the war, they became wandering gunfighters, the Gunhawks, and continued searching for Rachel.

During the course of Gunhawks #6 (1973), Kid Cassidy was shot and killed, and Jones was blamed for the crime. The 7th issue, therefore, featured the character of Jones alone.

The characters were revived for the 2000 Marvel miniseries Blaze of Glory, but with a completely different continuity.