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Hangman Comics Hangman Comics was published by MLJ Comics, the precursor to what would become the publisher Archie Comics. The title started with issue #2 (Spring 1942), a 68-page comics following directly on from Special Comics #1, which also featured the same characters. The feature character throughout the series was the titular Hangman, a masked superhero who first appeared in Pep Comics #17 (July 1941) and continued to appear there in his own feature during and after Hangman Comics run. He appeared in three stories in each issue, and there was a Hangman text story in most issues. The Hangman stories were drawn by a number of artists, including Paul Reinman, Bob Fujitami, Harry Lucey (who also drew the covers for issues #2-5) and Irv Novick.

There were also two supporting stories in each issue starring "Boy Buddies", the Shield's partner 'Dusty the Boy Detective' and the Wizard's side-kick 'Roy the Superboy' in a dual adventure - the first regular costumed hero 'sidekick' team-up in comics. Most of the Boy Buddies stories were written by Bill Woolfolk, with art by either Paul Reinman or Bill Vogoda.

Starting with issue #3 (Summer 1942), each issue also contained a Boy Buddies Junior Flying Corps club page, following on from a request for members in the final panel of the second Boy Buddies story in issue #2 (Spring 1942). Issue #6 (Spring 1943) replaced the Junior Flying Corps page with plans for a 'Silent Birdman' glider, while in the first 60-page issue, #7 (Summer 1943), the Junior Flying Corps page increased to two pages to accommodate plans for building a 'duplex glider' as well as the new members list, while the following issue, #8 (Fall 1943) had plans for building a 'Fleetwing' competition glider. A number of single-page 'True facts' articles or puzzle pages also appeared in most issues, although #6 (Spring 1943) contained a 6-page strip by Paul Reinman, "Hangman's Hall of Shame" about Hermann Goering.

From issue #9 Hangman Comics was retitled Black Hood Comics. The Hangman continued to appear in Pep Comics, Boy Buddies continuing in the first three issues of Black Hood Comics.