Hopalong Cassidy

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Hopalong Cassidy comic Hopalong Cassidy was a comic book published by Fawcett Publications between the summer of 1946 and November 1953. A previous edition labeled #1 had been released in January of 1943, and this series continued the numbering with the first issue labeled #2. Most issues had photo covers of the famous screen cowboy.

Hopalong Cassidy was a Western pulp fiction character whom actor William Boyd played in a number of early films to some success; in the 1930's, Boyd took over rights for the character and began starring in a number of lower-budget features under the new name. By the 1950's, Hopalong Cassidy was a clean-cut cowboy beloved by young boys who idolized him and tried to live by his Code of the West. Boyd's easy smile, gray-white hair, and black hat were familiar to millions of TV and movie viewers.

Hopalong Cassidy was probably the most merchandised actor/character of his era, and perhaps of all time. So much product was devoted to the cowboy, in fact, that two issues of a Hopalong Cassidy Merchandising Magazine were published in 1950, devoted to listing items licensed featuring Hoppy's image and/or name.

Few remember it today, but there was even an amusement park devoted to the character: Hoppyland operated on 80 acres in Venice, California, from 1951 to 1954.