the Human Fly

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The Human Fly Marvel Comics' Human Fly series was produced between September 1977 and March 1979, for 19 issues.

The series featured a costumed adventurer who got into various dangerous situations, usually with criminal plots to foil. Although not technically a superhero, the Human Fly did cross paths with the usual crossover heroes such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider.

The Human Fly character was supposedly based upon the career of stuntman Rick Rojatt; the comics even occasionally contained photographs of someone, presumably Rojatt, dressed in a Human Fly costume. The tagline for the series was: "The Wildest Super-Hero Ever — Because He's Real!"

The Human Fly was a young man of unknown identity (his face was never revealed in the series) who was severely injured during an automobile accident. After a long hospitalization, including a number of reconstructive surgeries in which much of his skeleton was replaced with steel, he took on the masked identity of the Human Fly. In his new guise, he began performing daredevil stunts to benefit various charities, especially those helping children with disabilities. His activities often drew him into conflict with criminals, who were often seeking to rob the charity events at which he performed. Additionally, he drew the attention of Spider-Man, who thought he might be an old enemy of the same name.