Isis on Ebay
Isis comic book Isis (aka Mighty Isis) was a comic book devoted to the character introduced on the Saturday morning live-action TV show, The Secrets of Isis, starring Joanna Cameron. The title lasted for eight issues, between October-November 1976 and December 1977 - January 1978.

The TV show was devoted to a superheroine who got her powers by invoking the ancient Egyptian goddess of the same name. High school science teacher Andrea Thomas found a mysterious amulet during an archaeological dig in Egypt, and found it would turn her into a modern incarnation of the goddess.

When danger was imminent, Thomas would reveal her amulet and intone an incantation; a bright light would flash and she would be transformed into her super-powered alter-ego.

The show was closely linked with a similar TV program, Shazam!, which also was a live-action superhero show produced by Filmation. The two would later be linked as The Shazam/Isis Hour.

The last issue of the comic book series coincided neatly with the last appearance of the character on Saturday morning TV.