Katy Keene

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Katy Keene Katy Keene was an Archie Comics title that ran between 1949 and 1961. There were 62 regular issues in the series.

Katy was just one of several different female characters created for the Archie Comics line. Like a few other such characters, such as Ginger who also had her own title, Katy never had anything to do with the usual Riverdale gang of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie. In all respects, Katy was an analogue of such popular lightweight comic-book gals of the time as Marvel's Patsy Walker and Millie the Model, whose adventures were always of the romantic comedy type.

Beginning as a backup in Wilbur #5, Katy's misadventures began appearing as backup stories in other comic titles. Starting in 1949, however, she got her own title, and the character started gaining its own brand of popularity.

What set Katy Keene apart from other titles was primarily the fact that the artist (and creator) of the strip encouraged readers to send in their ideas, and they did - eventually, by the hundreds. When a little girl's idea for a dress or even a joke was used in the comic, her name and hometown were printed for everyone to see... and that easy chance at a little comic-book fame assured that lots of girls submitted their creations, and then bought every subsequent issue to see if they had been chosen.

In addition, many issues had paper dolls - thereby giving Katy more opportunities to change into different outfits - as well as games and puzzles.

In addition to the regular 62 issues of the series, there were six Annuals, as well as one-shot titles such as Katy Keene 3-D, Katy Keene Charm, Katy Keene Glamour, and Katy Keene Spectacular, and even multi-issue companion titles Katy Keene Fashion Book Magazine and Katy Keene Pinup Parade. Also, the character would be revived in the 1980's for a couple of new titles by other artists.