Lost In Space

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Lost In Space Space Family Robinson was a comic book published by Gold Key sporadically between Dec 1962 and May 1982. Midway through its run, it was (semi-) retitled Lost In Space.

As with the Lost In Space TV series, the comic stories dealt with the adventures of the Robinson family as they tried to get back to Earth. In the comic, the Robinsons were: scientist father Craig, scientist mother June, and early teens Tim (son) and Tam (daughter), along with pets Clancy (dog) and Yakker (parrot). They lived in Space Station One, a spacious moving craft with hydroponic gardens, observatory, and 2 small shuttle crafts (Spacemobiles). In the second issue, a cosmic storm deposited them far from Earth and they had adventures while they tried to make their way home.

Space Family Robinson was published as a total of 59 issues, from 1962 to 1984. The first issue was published in December 1962. With issue #15 (January, 1966), the Lost in Space title was added to the cover. The title was cancelled with #36 (October, 1969). It would then be brought back in October, 1973, in part due to the popularity of Star Trek. At this point, most issues between #37 and #49 had the tag On Space Station One added as well. The title was again cancelled with #54 (December, 1977) (with #49 being a reprint of #38).

Irwin Allen, producer of the television series, apparently came up with the idea independently of the comic book, which he claimed to have no knowledge of; both storylines took inspiration from the premise of Swiss Family Robinson, first a novel and later films, about the family of Robinson who are lost on a South Sea Island. Allen and the comic's creators had the idea of putting their Robinsons in a science-fiction setting.