Master Of Kung Fu

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Master of Kung Fu Master of Kung Fu was a Marvel Comics title about the son of fictional Asian criminal mastermind Fu Manchu, a character created by Sax Rohmer. The storyline started in the last three issues of Special Marvel Edition (#15-17), then the proper title took over the numbering scheme.

Shang-Chi (pronounced 'Shee') was the son of the evil Fu Manchu, who was raised in isolation to be a living weapon, a master of Chinese fighting arts. After an encounter with some of Fu's enemies, such as the Englishman Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Shang realizes he's been on the wrong side all along, and declares himself as now being an enemy of his father.

Naturally, encounters between Shang-Chi and Fu Manchu and his various henchmen happened fairly frequently. In between, Shang found plenty of other martial arts-themed villains to fight. There was even a sequence in which Shang found himself inside a deadly chess-like game being played by none other than Marvel archvillain Dr. Doom.

The series reached its height of creativity with the arrival of writer Doug Moench, who gave many of his stories a philosophical underpinning - Shang wasn't just a thuggish fighter; he regretted ever having to deal out violence at all, creating a reluctant superhero very much along the lines of the Silver Surfer.

The title boasted decent art from the beginning (thanks to Jim Starlin), but became a must-see when such pencillers as Paul Gulacy and Gene Day were employed.

Master of Kung Fu is still very much a fondly-remembered title for collectors from the mid-to-late 1970's.