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Miss America magazine Marvel's Miss America Magazine was a magazine-sized publication aimed at young girls, which ran from 1944 to 1958, for a total of 84 issues; it then reverted to then-regular comic size (now referred to as Golden Age comics size) called simply Miss America for issues #51 to 93. The first issue, Miss America Comics, dated 1944, had also been regular comic size. The magazine format started with the 2nd issue.

The magazine-sized Miss America combined the conventional comic book combination of glossy covers and newsprint interior. Beginning this format with v.1 #2 (Nov. 1944), the publication relegated its titular (heh) superhero to a secondary role and began focusing on teen-romance comics stories plus articles on such topics as cooking, fashion, and makeup. This second issue — which featured a photo-cover of an unknown model dressed in the Miss America costume — also introduced the long-running, teen-humor comics feature "Patsy Walker." The magazine format used photo covers of everyday teens as well as models. In 1951, starting with vol.7, #42, the logo changed to Patsy Walker Starring in Miss America, with covers now depicting high schooler Patsy, boyfriend Buzz Baxter, and romantic-rival Hedy Wolfe in cartoon art by, variously, Al Jaffee or Morris Weiss.

The odd numbering format of the comic-magazine can be summed up as:
v.1 #1 - Miss America Comics, comic sized, 1944
v.1 #2-6 - beginning of magazine format
v.2 #1-6 - April 1945 to Sept 1945
v.3 #1-6 - October 1945 to April 1946
v.4 #1-6 - May 1946 to Oct 1946
v.5 #1-6 - Nov 1946 to April 1947
v.6 #1-3 - May 1947 to July 1947
v.7 #1-50 - August 1947 to Spring 1953
v.1 #51-93 - ?1953 to Nov 1958
with 3 unnumbered issues (May 1952, July 1952, & Jan 1953).