Monsters And Heroes

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Monsters and Heroes 1967-1968. M&H Publishing Co. 7 issues.

As a co-creator and writer of Creepy and an editor for Castle Of Frankenstein, Larry Ivie seemed more than qualified to head up his own publication. Also a graphic artist, he was something of a one-man band; in fact, the full title of the magazine is Larry Ivie's Monsters and Heroes.

The usual articles on classic monsters are present, but M and H spoke to a broader range of fandom, and also touched upon superheroes, fantasy, adventure serials, science fiction, and more.

during its run, the magazine carried a lot of illustraions, most of them by Ivie himself. He drew, lettered, and colored every cover, as well as his own interpretations of covers for existing Edgar Rice Burroughs books that were showcased on the magazine's back covers.

Often collected by monster-mag and comic book fans alike, it remains a unique collectible that represents one talented creator's personal vision.