Nightmare on Ebay
Nightmare magazine Skywald Publishing. 23 regular issues, plus 3 specials. December 1970 - February 1975.

Skywald was a publisher that sprang up seemingly out of nowhere in 1970, to introduce a number of interesting horror-themed comics magazines. Editor Al Hewitson, who had worked at Marvel and did some freelancing for Warren, went for a certain Gothic-influenced feel for the magazines, which he called the Skywald Horror-Mood.

Nightmare #1 was the first effort from the new company to arrive on newsstands. In many ways it was a clone of what Warren had been doing with Creepy and Eerie, but such comparisons were inevitable anyway. In any case, throughout its run the magazine was full of innovative, beautiful (if that's the word), and sometimes experimental artwork. The writing may not have been up to Warren's standards, but this was a minor concern.

Unfortunately, within five years the entire line of magazines was gone, ostensibly the victims of distribution rivalry between their own publications and those of Marvel who were making a strong effort to grab magazine market share to go with their dominance of the comics market.