The Phantom

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The Phantom The Phantom was a comic book published between November 1962 and January 1977. Its publishing history is complicated in that the rights of the title were sold to different publishers over the years, so that no less than three different companies published the comic during its lifetime. There were 74 issues total.

Gold Key began the comic in 1962 with issue #1, featuring the character's origin story. They published the title until #17 in July of 1966. King Comics published the title between issues #18 and #28, between September 1966 and December 1967. Charlton then finished the title, publishing issues between #30 and #74, February 1969 to January 1977.

During the title's lifetime, it featured work by such artists and Wallace Wood, Gil Kane, Don Newton, Jim Aparo, and Steve Ditko. The comic often contained backup features such as Flash Gordon.

The Phantom was a costumed superhero created by Lee Falk, who originated in a comic strip dating from February, 1936. The Phantom was one of the earliest costumed superheroes. (Superman wasn't introduced for two years.)

The character, based within the African jungles, is more famous with overseas audiences than in the United States.