Playful Little Audrey

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Playful Little Audrey Little Audrey started out - like Casper the Friendly Ghost - as an animated cartoon character, owned and created by Paramount's Famous Studios. She was superficially similar to Little Lulu, which the studio had previously licensed. Harvey Comics later purchased the character (along with Casper and others) and began publishing her in her own title, first Little Audrey until issue #53, then the much more longer-running title, Playful Little Audrey.

Playful Little Audrey began publication in June 1957, and ran for 121 issues, the last one appearing on the stands with an April 1976 cover date.

Little Audrey was, during the 1950's, Harvey's most famous female character. She was later eclipsed by such creations as Wendy the Good Little Witch and Little Dot; but she remained popular enough to maintain strong sales for nearly two decades.

The character appeared for a time in a third title, Little Audrey and Melvin, also.

Collectability: Like most non-superhero comics from previous decades, this one wasn't as widely collected, and thus a smaller number of issues have survived in decent condition. Fortunately, there were plenty of issues within the Harvey file copies that have spread throughout the market. Hardcore Harvey collectors (though small in number) are able to better pick and choose now, especially as many high-grade issues have been graded by CGC and are still available at (relatively) reasonable prices.